How do we know that the Persians existed?

The magnificent ruins at Persepolis
Historians find out about the past by studying sources; these might be primary sources or secondary sources.

Primary sources are from the time you are investigating.  These might be artefacts or archaelogical evidence left behind by vanished civilisations.  Or they might be written sources, full of information about the people and their lives.

And historians also study the work of other historians - these sources are known and secondary sources.

Your third topic will be a collage of artefacts and archaelogical sites that reflect daily life in Ancient Persia.

Your fourth topic will be an illustrated mind map of all the different types of sources that you could use as you investigate Ancient Persia. - Photos of artefacts - Excellent article - Article - extension work - Easy overview with pictures - some links seem to have trouble loading - Persepolis real map - Persepolis Recreated documentary - Online British Museum Exhibition